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Are you looking for a reliable partner to promote your app, service, or product? Do you need to attract new leads and find new clients? We have everything you need at Moblax. We have both media buy agency and direct affiliates traffic to reach your goals.


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Why Self-Service?

Smart and effective campaigns are in your hands

Start faster and
Scale up

Launch campaigns in minutes. Discover the super-easy dashboard with a bulk campaign creator and traffic estimator.

Control and
Optimize up

Refine campaign settings, adjust the budget, edit your targeting and test creatives - all that in just a few clicks.

Measure your

Analyze the results of your campaigns with real-time statistics to make data-driven decisions.

Reach a global

Serve ads to 1 Bn+ monthly, non-incentivized users from all over the world. Find the audience that is most likely to engage.

Proactive support with managed service for large businesses

Focus on running your business and exploring new opportunities for growth – leave the hard job for us. Managed service is a convenient and cost-effective way to outsource media buying.
Work with a dedicated personal manager, who will configure your ad campaigns & creatives to best practices, provide ongoing monitoring and fine-tune the targeting settings for maximum performance – everything to meet your business needs on the fly.

Target CPA for cost-effective media buying

Target CPA is a rule-based campaign optimization tool, excluding ad placements that don’t meet your target conversion price conditions.
  • Rule-based traffic segments optimization
  • Adjustable campaign settings (target conversion price, test budget ,etc)
  • Best balance between manual & auto-optimization
Formats: Push Notifications, OnClick

Complete anti-ad fraud coverage

Discover easy campaign setup, effortless auto-optimization and rapid results
Every Device
Our system detects fraud no matter what device you are targeting. We are continually researching the patterns typical to various devices.
Every Ad Format
No blind spots: our proprietary technology allows to identify suspicious activities regardless of the ad format.
Every GEO
We are familiar with the strategies fraudsters around the globe use, and we have developed security solutions to detect their schemes.

How can you benefit from clean traffic?

Your money is spent on REAL impressions

Your budget doesn’t go bust, because with anti-fraud protection the cash is allocated strictly based on your targeting. Only real people will see your ads.

Transparent analytics & higher CTR

You see clear trends without spoofed statistics. The CTR is higher and reflects the actual visitors’ interest because bot impressions are eliminated.

Better campaign performance & planning

Use clean stats to evaluate your ad campaign performance against benchmarks and KPIs. Allocate the budget to campaigns that drive action.

We work with every type of online business in every size

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